New Initiatives Development and Implementation

The NIDI function at TBC will plan, coordinate, implement, and finalize strategic projects with member schools; define the projectís objectives, create schedules and oversee quality control throughout the entire project; researching, collecting, organizing, and analyzing data, and working with participants in developing a business case for the appropriate decision-making groups; and to deliver the project according to plan. NIDI will work with participant representatives and third-party contractors and/or consultants and identify, assess, and minimize project risks until successful project completion.

The NIDI Methodology

  • Engage and support relevant personnel within member institutions by: concept testing, providing research assistance, and providing business and financial analysis. Provide appropriate operational and execution support for approved proposals. The objective is to support and expedite senior manager strategic and operational review of new proposals.
  • Communicate and work to align the project needs of sponsors, stakeholders, and TBC Board members, noting that any single school implementation rests with that individual school review process.
  • Provide project management tools, methodologies, and assistance; facilitate communication and information sharing among relevant stakeholders; create sense of shared project ownership and participation; and promote mutual learning and support - the creation of sustainable trustful relationships.
  • In coordination with project sponsors, author the necessary reporting or business plan for Board consideration, including ROI estimates.
  • Create estimates of: time requirements of participant members; other resources required, budgets, timelines, deliverables, definition of success, and expected outcomes.
  • Ensure an orderly and accurate process of project management and analysis so that projects and their analysis can operate concurrently, not merely sequentially.
  • Track changes or delays; provide notes or minutes to project meetings; and assemble a monthly Board report detailing progress.

Current NIDI Projects in 2017

  • OP EX Program at Wheaton
  • OP EX Program at RISD
  • Contingent Work Force Management
  • Medical/Hazardous Waste Group Purchasing
  • Cyber Security Training evaluation
  • Energy savings with Green Ribbon Commission
  • Foreign Exchange Hedging for Foreign students
  • Community of Practice for OP EX graduates

For more information, please contact Paul Tumolo