Co-Sourced Risk Management

The Boston Consortium for Higher Education Risk Management Group was created as a co-sourced risk management practice for Boston Consortium member institutions that did not have a full time and dedicated risk management professional on staff. Our mission follows the vision of other Boston Consortium endeavors by working together in the development and implementation of creative cost management strategies and quality process improvements as respects risk management activities.

This conceptual opportunity is further endorsed by our desire to design and perfect an efficient business model that will establish the Boston Consortium risk management franchise as a Best Practice platform. Once we establish a competitive advantage within our Higher Educational target market, we would like to leverage our Higher Education position to expand our membership base through selective invitation.

The success of this shared entrepreneurial effort began with the selection of Acordia as the groupís common Insurance Broker to champion our vision of an initial group purchase model.

The first step of our continuing process is to determine and select the appropriate risk management underwriting partners who demonstrate the courage, capacity and creativeness to provide traditional middle market Higher Education insurance offerings at a discount to our member group and have the resources to grow with our program vision.

To learn more about the Risk Management Group contact Susan Fletcher:
Phone: 781-296-9816