Successful Management: What Every Supervisor Wants to Know

This program is not scheduled at this time.

This program requires pre-authorization from your HR department. Contact your HR department or the member of The Training Collaborative from your institution to register.

This three-day, interactive training program was created for supervisors and managers who want to further develop their skills in their management role. It was designed for new supervisors and for those who have been supervising for up to six years to expand their understanding of how to be an effective supervisor and manager. The program takes place on successive Fridays over the span of three weeks.

The workshop style is upbeat and interactive, and the design incorporates participants' various learning styles through pair and small group conversation, full group discussions, role-plays, and other exercises. Participants will be provided the DISC, a communications tool that supports understanding about different communications styles and preferences.

Participants will consider the questions: How can I enhance my supervisory skills? What are my communications preferences, and how can I become more flexible in order to work even more collaboratively and manage more effectively? What are some of my management challenges, and what are some ways I can respond to them? How can I provide my best work and fully contribute to my organization?

Participants will:

  • Discuss the values that provide a foundation for management excellence.
  • Explore essential management competencies, including:
  • Performance development including giving effective feedback
  • Communication skills including active listening and assertive communication
  • Practical meeting management skills including agenda and objectives development
  • Discuss their organization's culture and norms and network with colleagues from different schools.
  • Develop an on-going individual development plan that supports productivity and effectiveness.