Operational Excellence Program (OP EX)

The purpose of this program is to learn the tools and techniques of process management, to define it in terms that are useful for the your organizations’ business model, and utilize the best practices in LEAN/Six Sigma and Project Management methodologies. This program is custom designed as a “learning lab” to develop proficiency in the use of process and project tools, and to understand the challenges and opportunities for implementation on real world projects. Throughout the program we will utilize a blend of classroom learning, interactive discussions, and the peer review of internal OP EX practices on your projects and initiatives. This will allow you to maximize your learning in a collaborative team based environment. Your charge is to continue institionalizing the tools and techniques in your function, with your direct reports.

This program utilizes the LEAN/Six-Sigma Process Improvement and Project Management Methodologies. These are powerful management tools that promote process improvement, improve quality, and result in significant enhancements to efficiency and productivity. Organizations that practice this methodology benefit from faster throughput, higher quality, and doing “more with the same”.

The course has two major objectives: The first objective is to learn the LEAN/Six Sigma Process and Project Management Methodologies, with the tools and techniques. We will thoroughly define and explore these tools that provide a useful framework for the participants. The second objective of this course is to bring the combined experiences of past and current participants into the classroom. Our combined cross functional experiences will help us to understand the challenges of process improvement implementation and analyze the lessons learned from projects we have undertaken.

Since 2015, we have delivered programs at Berklee, Boston University, Brandeis, Suffolk, Olin, Emerson, Wheaton, and RISD. Over 80 projects were launched, with over 100 graduates. This program is offered to TBC members free of charge for the first program, and at break-even cost for subsequent programs. It is a great way to build organization capability and capacity, while delivering on your key projects and initiatives.

Course Goals

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply and use the OP EX tools successfully in projects and initiatives in real time
  • Gain measureable results on current Wheaton projects
  • Evaluate processes, and implement best practices, while building capability
  • Communicate and shepherd the tools and techniques throughout the organization
  • Improve the efficiency of scarce resources
  • Recognize the benefits of process excellence programs through customer recognition and employee satisfaction.
  • Understand the challenges of managing without authority
  • Developing the skills to effectively manage change cross functionally
  • Better measure efficiency, effectiveness and quality through the use of KPI’s and metrics

If you are interested in learning more about the program, please contact Paul Tumolo.