It is our belief that many of the business challenges faced by education can be solved by creating dynamic and actively facilitated communities for collaborative action and innovation. In a time of rapid change, the institutions represented in The Boston Consortium plan to learn from one another.

True collaboration involves more than the sharing of information: it involves creating trustful relationships across and between schools. The competitive nature of these schools is more than offset by what they have in common. The creation and dissemination of knowledge cannot be compromised by functional operations; which should be as outstanding as the academic programs of which we boast.

The Boston Consortium will provide resources to guide and support this mutual exploration of opportunity. Cost and quality improvements will flow from the disciplined analysis of systems. Fresh insights into planning and implementing a more perfect future will result. An appreciation for the capacity of empowered and energized leaders to leverage group process and overcome the constraints of outdated methods and restrictive organizational culture will become the norm. By dealing realistically with problems and focusing on a proactively planned future, we will achieve our goal of becoming an extraordinary consortium in service to extraordinary schools.